What is Domino?


Domino is a game in which players place dominoes on end and then tip them over. As each domino tips over, it pushes the next one on its ends and so on. In long lines, this can lead to a complex and beautiful pattern of dominoes. Many people play domino for fun or as a creative exercise. Others use it as a tool to illustrate events and trends in history or science. The word “domino” comes from the Latin dominium, meaning “largest piece.” It’s a name that has come to represent the whole of a system or process.

The most common sets of dominoes are the double-6, double-9, and double-12 sets. These sets have a total of 24 spots (or pips) on all the edges. Most games can be played with these sets. However, some games can be played with larger sets as well.

There are hundreds of different ways to play domino. Some games involve laying tiles side-by-side to build structures or lines of dominoes. Other games are based on scoring points by matching dominoes with their ends touching each other. If the dots on the exposed ends match — for example, two’s touch two’s or one’s touch three’s — the player scores.

Domino is also popular for its ability to inspire creativity and innovation. People use it to build art, create new games and rules, or even set world records for the largest domino chain or set. Some of these displays are so impressive that they’re used in movies and television shows.

While domino can be played in many ways, the basic rules are fairly simple: Each player begins with seven dominoes and takes turns picking them up from a stock until they have an opening double. When they do, they must play this tile and then take another turn. The first player who does this wins.

When a player can’t lay a domino, they “knock,” or rap the table and pass the turn to the other player. When a player knocks, they must make sure to lay the domino they have in their hand before playing it.

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